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Welcome to UK Online Poker: Home of the best UK Poker Room Reviews

Looking for a UK online poker room? We have reviewed the very best UK online poker rooms available today so that you can make an informed decision of the best place to play poker online. Our reviews are aimed at UK poker players wanting to play online poker. Welcome to UK Online Poker, good luck in the poker rooms!

UK Online Poker Rooms
A Few Good Reasons To Play Poker Online
Play poker online with real people whenever you want ( there are always plenty of other people online to play )
You can play against other people of all skill levels
You can play for real money or practice for free
Enjoy the free sign-up bonuses when you start playing
It is a fun and exciting game to play online!

UK Online Poker Room Review: William Hill Poker
Visit William Hill Poker No USA players accepted William Hill Poker Click to enlarge Our Rating:
Rated 5 stars out of 5
UK Poker Room: William Hill Poker
Deposit £200 and get £400 FREE!
The official William Hill Poker Club
Great games, many players and serious excitement!

William Hill has been a part of betting in the UK for a long time, over 64 years to be precise. There are over 1500 William Hill betting shops in the UK and William Hill also offers an online casino and online sportsbetting too. With a history and reputation like this you can be confident that William Hill Poker is going to be a safe, honest and secure place to play poker online with real money.

So now that you are happy that the poker room is safe I guess you'll be wanting to check that it is also fun! William Hill Poker has a crack team of developers behind their poker room and they keep their fingers on the pulse of the poker world to make sure that the games are as innovative and exciting as they possibly can be. The games really look great (see the screenshots!). William Hill Poker's games are easy to pick up, highly entertaining and make you feel like you are a hot shot at a real poker tournament!

If you're not ready to play for real money you can always play for fun. The games software is quick and easy to set up and there is a good variety of games on offer here. The common poker game variants are all here (including Texas Hold'Em and Omaha), so you can play whichever game you are in the mood for. The games themselves look nice and play very well (as you would expect from the excellent Playtech software used here).

You can play in Pounds Sterling, Euros or Dollars and it is easy to deposit funds too (many options are offered).

There is nothing worse than being ready to play poker and then not being able to find other players to play with, this is not a problem here as there are always plenty of people online. If there aren't many players online William Hill will actually pay you to start playing poker with other players, that's right they will actually pay you to play!

Should you have any problems or questions you can contact support by free phone call, online chat or email at any time.

William Hill Poker is an excellent online poker room that comes from years of UK betting experience, be confident in the top quality service you will get here! It doesn't get much better than this for UK poker players.

Read our full review... Visit this Poker Room now!
Try William Hill Poker Now!

UK Online Poker Room Review: PKR Online Poker
Visit PKR Online Poker No USA players accepted PKR Online Poker Click to enlarge Our Rating:
Rated 4 stars out of 5
UK Poker Room: PKR Online Poker
Play for a bit and get $50 absolutely free!
Try the incredible games on offer at PKR
"It rocks" says FHM, April 2006

EXCELLENT. There it is. That\'s it, I could stop writing now! Nothing more needs to be said really. PKR is a revolution in online poker. There are many good online poker rooms out there, they will all offer good games and they will keep you very much entertained. PKR Online Poker is on a different level.

The PKR games software download is larger than any other poker room. It will take a little time to download these games over broadband; however once they are set up you can\'t fail to understand why they are worth the wait. The players, tables, dealers and games are all beautifully rendered in 3D. You can be playing at a poker table and it does actually feel like you might be sitting at a real poker table. You can pan around the poker table (you can\'t peek at other people\'s card though!) and see the action from different view points. You can customise your own character to look like you (voice, face, hair, clothes, body can all be altered). When you have created your character you will see yourself at the table with other players who look (in theory anyway!) like themselves. You can make your character move, laugh, speak. This adds a whole other dimension of gamesmanship tot he poker room.

There is a good mix of Hold\'Em and Omaha based games available for you to play at all different stake levels. You can play for free or for real money. There are thousands of tables in play and thousands of poker players online all the time. You can deposit money using the common credit cards and online payment systems.

PKR Customer Support is on hand 24 hours a day and they can be contacted by phone, email or live chat. There are many tournaments to play, good bonuses to take advantage of and top quality poker strategy advice on hand.

Each hand you play earns you extra PKR points which can be used to buy real PKR merchandise *or* cleverly you can buy clothes, tattoos, hats, etc. for your online character. If you play for long enough you can even earn enough points to get your real life face digitally scanned into the game for your character. Very cool!

If you are looking for the most realistic online poker experience then you simply must try PKR. The poker room oozes quality and it has all been developed by players for players. Don\'t miss out, try PKR Online Poker today.

Read our full review... Visit this Poker Room now!
Try PKR Online Poker Now!

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