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Remember to check out our guide to finding a great poker room Finding the right poker room for you is important. Make sure to read our guide at the link below for some top tips.
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Picking A Good Poker Room: A Guide To Finding The Right Place To Play

There are plenty of UK online poker rooms out there on the web these days. We have taken the time to review plenty of the very best UK online poker rooms for you, but before you choose a poker room you need to make sure it really is the best one for you. You are likely to be spending a good amount of time playing at the poker room you choose so spend a few mintues reading this guide and make the right choice!

Step 1: Read Our Poker Room Reviews

Our UK online poker room reviews are probably the best poker room reviews you'll find online today, so make the most of them! We have worked hard to rate and review these poker rooms for you so the first thing to do is to browse around our reviews and find a poker room that we have rated highly. Our reviews take into account all the important things like reputation, games offered, payment methods accepted, support team info and all sort of other details. Our top rated poker rooms are a good place to start when looking for a UK poker room. They all accept UK players and you can usually deposit in UK pounds sterling too.

Step 2: Make Sure You Can Play The Poker Games You Like

The many different UK poker rooms out there offer lots of different poker game variants. If you want to play a certain type of online poker then it is important to make sure that the online poker room you are considering actually offers that game! We list the major poker games offered at each reviewed poker room in our full poker room reviews, have a look down the list and make sure you can see the game you want to play. You can sort our poker room reviews to show poker rooms offering a specific game using the drop down box on the left hand side of this page.

Step 3: Make Sure You Can Deposit And Withdraw Funds How You Like

If you want to play online poker for real money then you need to be able to deposit funds into your player account. If and when you win you will certainly want to be able to withdraw your winnings easily too! Each of our poker room reviews lists the payment methods currently accepted by the poker room you are looking at. Have a look down the list and see if the option you want to use is listed. If not have a look for another poker room. You can sort our poker room reviews to show poker rooms accepting certain payment methods using the drop down box on the left hand side of this page.

The most common way of depositing funds is to use a credit or debit card. This is quick and easy to do and you can be playing poker right away. The common options are Visa, Mastercard, Delta, Switch or Solo (click to view poker roomss accepting these cards).

Another very popular way to deposit and withdraw funds is Neteller. Neteller is a good choice for two reasons. Firstly you can usually cash out your winnings within 24 hours. Secondly many poker rooms offer extra free money for people using Neteller to deposit funds. Cool huh? You can sign up for a Neteller account for free at It is very quick and easy to do.

There are also plenty of other ways to deposit and withdraw funds at the poker rooms we have reviewed. You can see a full list of the accepted payment methods on offer usingt he drop down box on the left hand side of this page.

Step 4: Check Out The Other Options

We have covered plenty of other important options in our poker room reviews. You can find out if the poker room offers Chat duting the poker game, or if it offers casino games too. All these sorts of things are included in our full reviews of each poker room. You will be able to clearly and easily see if a poker room has the options you want.

Step 5: See What Special Offers Are Available At The Moment

Most online poker rooms tend to offer special sign-up bonuses to new players. These can vary from free cash when you deposit for the first time to Neteller deposit bonuses every time you deposit. Have a look at the bonuses being offered by the poker room you are thinking of trying. Our UK poker room reviews all include the top promotions on offer at each reviewed poker room to help you know what is on offer.

Step 5: Visit The Poker Room

Well now you know about the poker room from our poker room review and now is the time to visit the poker room and find out more details. There are plenty of link on the page for you to click (anywhere the casino name is shown or a banner is shown, etc). Simply click one and you will be taken right there in a new window (so if the poker room isn't what you want you're not too far away from more of our excellent poker room reviews!).

Step 6: Have A Look Around The Poker Room Web Site

So you're now at a UK poker room that you like the sound of, well now you can have a bit more of a browse around to see if this is the right poker room for you. We do take great care when reviewing our poker rooms so that we only list honest and reliable poker rooms, but you need to form your own opinion of the poker room. Have a browse around and make sure that it is everything you are looking for. It is also also a good idea to check through the Terms and Conditions to make sure that you are allowed to play at the poker room and that nothing seems strange.

Step 7: Download The Games Software

To start playing poker at your chosen UK poker room you first need to download the poker room software. This usually takes between 2 minutes (on a broadband connection) to upto around 45 minutes (on a dial up connection). It does take a little time but remember that you only need to do this once and then you are all set!

Step 8: Install And Run The Games Software

Now that you have downloaded the poker room software you just need to install it onto your PC. Just find where you downloaded the program to and double click it to start installing the games. The process should be be fairly simple, so just click the buttons and it'll all be done very quickly. We're nearly done now!

Step 9: Set Up A Player Account

Now that the games are installed on your computer you will be asked to sign up for an account. Just fill in your name and address details and enter a password and you should be done. Simple huh?

Step 10: Deposit Some Money Into Your Player Account

The next step is to deposit some fund into your account so that you are ready to play. You can chosse to play for free and get some practice first, but we like to get on with it and start playing for real. You will be able to deposit money in many ways, so just pick the method that suits you the best. As we have mentioned before credit or debit cards or Neteller are usually the best option because the money will be moved to your player account right away.

Step 11: Claim Your Welcome Bonuses!

So you have installed the games and deposited some funds now make sure that you claim your bonuses. Head back to the poker room web site and follow the instructions to claim your bonuses. Always make sure that you follow the instructions very carefully to make sure you get the bonuses.

Step 12: Start Playing!

You're all set! You have done everything needed now so you can start playing poker online at your new UK online poker room. You can now spend as much or as little time as you want playing poker against real people. Playing online poker is a very exciting way to spend some time, there is nothing like playing poker against real people. Have fun and good luck playing at your new online poker room!

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